Abdominoplasty Set


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1.     Scalpel blades #15
2.    Scalpel blades #21
3.     Scalpel handle, #7
4.     Scalpel handle, #4l long
5.     Ragnell kilner scissors, 13cm, curved – Supercut
6.     Adson delicate tissue and suture forceps, 15cm, 1×2 teeth
7.     Adson brown delicate tissue forceps, 12cm, 9×9 teeth, straight – atraumatic
8.     Potts smith tissue forceps, 20cm, 1×2 teeth – delicate
9.     Allis Tissue Forcep 5X6 teeth, 16cm
10.   Wright derf t.c. needle holder, 12.5cm, serrated
11.    Mayo hegar t.c. needle holder, 15cm
12.    Mayo hegar t.c. needle holder, 23cm
13.    Backhaus towel clamp, 8.5cm
14.    Joseph skin hook, double prong, sharp, 16cm, 10mm wide
15.    Stevens Supercut Tenotomy Scissors, 11.5cm, Curved, Blunt – Delicate
16.    Supercut mayo scissors, 14cm, straight
17.    Supercut gorney scissors, 23cm, curved
18.    Supercut gorney freeman scissors, 23cm, curved “gold tip”
19.    Supercut scissors, 20cm, curved, slight bevel on shank, “gold tip”
20.    Supercut scissors, 20cm, curved, strong bevel on shank
21.    Farabeuf baby retractors, 12cm, double ended, set of 2
22.   Israel retractor, 25cm, 6 blunt prongs, 60mm wide x 50mm deep
23.   Saldanha solz abdominal retractor, 37cm

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Stainless Steel

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