Doct. Petit Gluteal Implants Spacer™, Heart Shape Tip


37cm Overall Length, 25mm Wide Tip

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Use our  Heart-Shape Tip spacer to break fibrous and muscular cords inside the pocket, with no bleeding. Adjust the pocket around, and over, and under the implant with our atraumatic gluteal spacers, with no risk for the sciatic nerve, nor the implant.
Comes with gold plated ergonomic handle, the outer surface of Doct. Petit Gluteal Implant Spacer™ goes through two processes. First, it is highly polished. Next Titanium nitride is fused to the outside surface. This combination creates a virtual cloaking device between the tissue and the spacer. The result is a smooth and lubricious surface.

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Weight 0.550 kg

Spiral Surgical Co.


Stainless Steel

Sterility Condition


Dr. Petit


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